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  • The Biomat King is the perfect size for couples who are seeking a more comfortable sleep. It features two [read more]temperature settings, which allow

    Biomat King 7000MX

  • The Biomat Queen is designed to fit perfectly on a queen mattress. It is ideal for a single person or couple interested in enhancing their nightly sle

    Biomat Queen 7000MX

  • The Richway Biomat Single is a simple solution for those who want to bring the health benefits of single-bed-sized infrared biotherapy into their home

    Biomat Single 7000MX

  • Alkal-life-7000SL
    Alkal-LIfe 7000sL filters and ionizes your drinking water to keep you hydrated. Your mood, energy levels, and clarity

    Alkal-Life Water Ionizer 7000SL

  • Richway’s new BioAcoustic Mat uses sound vibrations to help you achieve optimal health and relaxation. The BioAcoustic mat stimulates the body with

    BioAcoustic Mat

  • The Biomat Professional 7000MX is the perfect solution for those looking to relieve pain, stiffness, symptoms of arthritis and muscle pains. This FDA-

    Biomat Professional 7000MX

  • Enjoy all the healing benefits of Biomat in a smaller, more portable format with the Biomat Mini. The compact size and low weight make this mat perfec

    Biomat Mini 7000MX

  • The Biobelt can be used to provide soothing heat at home or for travel. The Biobelt is made with NASA technology and offers a variety of healing benef

    BioBelt Infrared Belt

  • The Richway Quantum Energy Pad is designed with optimal comfort in mind while allowing the Biomat's healing far infrared rays to pass through to reach

    Quantum Energy Pad

  • Controller with two connections for use with King & Queen-sized Bio-Mats.

    Biomat King/Queen Controller

  • This Alkal-Life 7000sL pre-filter is made up of calcium and membrane filters for well water. It can remove dirt, sediment, chlorine taste & odor f

    Alkal-Life S-Filter

  • bioamethyst cushion
    The BioAmethyst cushion is an easy way to improve your mood, increase productivity and reduce stress. Seventeen rows of amethysts provide crystal ener

    Bioamethyst Cushion

  • The Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter might just be the world’s most luxurious bedtime friend. With organic bamboo fiber and amethyst fiber, your body w

    Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter

  • The Biomat pillow is designed to help you enjoy the benefits of infrared and negative ion therapy without having your head get too hot. It will keep y

    Biomat Amethyst Pillow

  • Controller for Single/Professional-sized Biomats.

    Biomat Professional 7000MX Controller

  • This one-of-a kind, wheeled hard shell carry case allows you to transport your Biomat Professional in style, while keeping your Biomat in pristine con

    Biomat Professional Hard Shell Carrying Case

  • Replacement controller for use with Richway Biomat mini size. Please ensure you are ordering the correct Biomat mini controller as we have more than o

    Biomat Mini 7000MX Controller

  • The Biomat aroma stand is the perfect solution for people who want to keep their space clear while enjoying all of BioMat's benefits. The aromatherapy

    Biomat Aroma Stand

  • Now you can calibrate your pH level with the world's first and most advanced system ever offered. This is a revolutionary product that assures precisi

    Activated Carbon Replacement Filter for Alkal-Life 7000SL

  • NMN Octa 3000™ is a new supplement that stimulates more energy and tackles age-related health problems. It contains the world's best NMN with enhanc

    NMN Octa 3000

  • This compact, hard shell carry case allows you to transport your Biomat Mini in style, while keeping your Biomat in pristine condition. The zippered c

    Biomat Mini Hard Shell Carrying Case

  • Germanium Power Pad 187
    The Germanium Power Pad 187 is an upgraded version of Richway’s popular waterproof cover. It’s designed to assist with infrared and negative ion p

    Germanium Power Pad 187 (Biomat Waterproof Cover)

  • Detoxi bamboo salt is processed under high heat to produce a detoxifying product with none of the harmful effects found in conventional salt. Before e

    Richway Detoxi Bamboo Salt

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    The Alkal-Life 7000sL cleaning filter should be used every six months to avoid and remove excess mineral deposits. This reduces the risk of damaging y

    Cleaning Filter for Alkal-Life 7000sl™

  • The 100% cotton pad protects your Biomat to ensure it stays in great shape for years to come. The cotton pad also encourages transmission of far infra

    Biomat Cotton Pad